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Mind Body Fitness Trainer and Coach

Let Your Yoga Dance is a joyful celebration of body, mind and spirit. It’s a movement practice that everybody (EVERY BODY) can do because it’s offered in a safe, caring, and compassionate environment. Great for all ages, bodies, and abilities. No yoga or dance experience necessary.

In a Let Your Yoga Dance class we build community and positivity resonance by combining gentle yoga (no twisting into pretzel shapes), user-friendly dance (no complicated choreography), creativity, and positive psychology with music from around the world. There is a connection between participants, in which self-expression, laughter, and feelings of gratitude come alive. As we move through our seven energy centers of the body, the heart pumps, the brain is engaged, strength and balance are improved, and feelings of love and compassion are shared. Students receive a gentle yoga experience plus an aerobic workout without even knowing it. If you are five or ninety-five, you can participate in this fun-filled practice. There is no “required” floor work; chairs are available for those who wish to move from a seated position or simply take a break.

Everyone is a dancer! Come join us for this hour of FUN! Laughter and smiles are guaranteed :)