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Sandy Beach Cold Brew Coffee Co-Op Trial

We are looking for 20-ish people to participate  in a 4-week trial with us from 11/25 to 12/16 for a total cost of $50.00, primarily to cover our costs.

 Here’s what you will get: 
*Two 32 oz mason jars of cold brew (64 oz.) per week for one month 

*We will have 2 different brews each week and you can choose if you want one of each or 2 of the     same brews. We will post each weeks brews two weeks prior to the brew. If you wish to have two     of the same brew you must let us now the Saturday the week before the brew. You will  automatically receive one of each brew if you do not inform us by the Saturday the week before  that you want something different.

*You can I purchase and additional 32oz jar for $8.00 per bottle. If you wish to order additional   bottles of brew you must let us now the Saturday the week before the brew.

*One homemade baked good per week (by baker Vicky) to go along with your coffee

What we would need from you: 
*Please fill out the form below to participate in our Cold Brew Co-Op
*Return mason jars each week when you receive your new batch so we can wash and re-use
*We request that you fill out the survey that comes with your cold brew each week and return it 
  with your mason jars (short survey – super easy)

How it works:
*You can pick up from us every Sunday afternoon or evening
*We can deliver to you in Sarasota proper

Sandy Beach Cold Brew Co-Op Trial Registration Form

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