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Dear Vicky

I started to write a testimonial, but I changed my mind. Instead, I am writing a heartfelt thank you. Thank you for everything you have done for me in a very brief period of time. When we first met I was a 73-year-old couch potato with very limited flexibility, minimal energy and zero motivation to do anything about it. I’m still 73, you’re good but not that good. However, my flexibility has improved exponentially; my energy has vastly increased and I look forward to exercising regularly.

It is ALL attributable to your guidance. Your choices of what exercises, how many reps and how to “drive” myself while staying within the physical limitations of my physical and mental condition. You are not just an excellent PT; you are an excellent coach!

Again, thank you very much. I look forward to enduring relationship.

Good luck!


Client:  GD  

His Quote "It was easy"

Several years ago I found myself to be in an unhealthy lifestyle. My weight was climbing and out of control. I need to buy bigger and bigger clothes. My weight reached 312 pounds and my pants size was up to a tight 48”. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and severe sleep apnea. The real wakeup call came when my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic in 2010. I needed to do something.

My first step was starting the Medifast program in April 2010. My person heath coach was named Robyn. This helped me drop 57 pounds in five months. I was then down to 255 pounds. Then I took some time off and maintained this weight for five months.

In January 2011 my doctor recommended seeing a nutritionist and starting a sensible weight loss program. My nutritionist is Rebecca. My weight at this point was 255 pounds. I needed to make better permanent food choices. I increases eating fruits and vegetables, bought organic foods, and started walking regularly. I drastically reduced eating out at restaurants. I increased my water and fluid intake which helped my metabolism. One tool was to keep a food journal. This helped me to keep on track.

The next step was meeting with a personal trainer regularly. I met Vicky in March of 2013. My weight at this point was 220 pounds. We started working out twice a week. The weight continued to steadily come off. I did reach a plateau several times during this process but I pushed through and followed my dietary and exercise program.

So I reached my original goal of weighing 220 pounds and a wearing a size 40” pants. Ounce I reached this goal I set a new goal of weighing under 200 pounds and a size 34” pants. My current weight is 195 pounds and a size 36” pants. My plan is to continue healthier eating and exercising as a permanent lifestyle change.

Diet and exercise worked for me and it can work for you too. Others motivated me and kept me accountable to lose weight and get healthier. But the desire and commitment to achieve this came from me. My sleep apnea is cured. My blood pressure and cholesterol is well under control and I am far from being a diabetic.

Vicky is truly one of the most caring and inspiring trainers (and person) I know!!! She will absolutely kick your butt into shape with a smile on her face and will believe in you until you believe in yourself!!! I'm lucky to have her as my trainer, but even more lucky to have her as my friend!!!!!


Client: Joyce R

I have been working with Vicky for 5 sessions so far to get my balance back to where it should be. Vicky works me hard but gently, always encouraging me and motivating me to do even more. My balance is coming back and I can recognize and correct myself when I lean to a side when walking. Vicky is a great trainer and someone I would highly recommend to others!

Client: Lesleigh R. 

I started with trepidation as I knew I had my work cut out for me. Finishing my residency I had lost my healthy eating habits and had not worked out in years, but wanted to look/feel the way I did years ago.

Upon meeting Vicky I knew I had found the perfect trainer for me. Not only does she change our routine every time so I never know what to expect but she makes it fun to work out. She is available for help with diet, ingredients and even emails me workouts when we can’t meet.

Our first 6 weeks I saw tremendous changes in both my mental and physical health, losing over 10 pounds and several inches. I am almost at my dream goal and very pleased with the results and could not have done it alone. She is the best! :) Even with my busy schedule and her travels she finds the time to Skype me to ensure I keep up the good routine. 
  - Lesleigh Redavid, DVM, Diplomate ACVECC

I trained with Vicky after my second pregnancy starting at 6 weeks post partum. This was the first time I had ever trained with a professional but figured I was 34 years old and needed help getting into shape since I wasn't planning on having anymore children. I was 165 when I delivered and when I began to train I was 147. I was amazed at how quickly the weight fell off and how great my body looked at 34. I was in the best shape I have ever been in. I even had definition in my abs! When my baby was 11 months old, Surprise! I found out I was having our third baby. I initially was upset because I had put so much effort into getting back in shape and it was all going to be waste. I continued to workout through my pregnancy just not as intense or as frequently. I am now 3 weeks since having my baby and I am already down to 139. I have three more weeks before I can begin to exercise and I have naturally shed over 25lbs!! This proves that being in shape prior to pregnancy pays off after pregnancy as well. I'm so excited to get back in the gym and start training.

- MC